Collection: NYFW - There is no planet B

In association with Colorjet, India
Footwear - Kamica Hampton
Jewelry - Glamrocks

‘POWER COMES WITH GREAT RESPONSIBILITY ‘, but we as humans often forget it, which is somewhere or the other affecting the planet.

The nature offered us a colorful and pleasant environment, but with time, we adulterated it, and made it dark and gloomy.

Today, we have technologies that produce astounding quantity of ready-to-wear clothing, which appeals a lot to fast-fashion brands. Bring down the re-usability of the garment, increase a heavy amount of disposal of clothes. Hence, fashion has become 2rd largest pollutant on the planet.

We are not against fashion or technology. We are just asking to be mindful of the usage. Twee In One says – ‘LESS IS MORE’

Collection name – 'THERE IS NO PLANET B'

This collection is all about transformations that we are facing in the real world - from vibrant colors to darkness, from beautiful flowers dry branches, from positive to negative

Fabrics that I have used in the collections are crepes, satins, and wrinkled polyesters.

Printing was done by Colorjet Group. We used the techniques of sublimation, and was again a sustainable way of doing it, since we used 40% lesser amount of water, than usual printing requires. The turnaround time was very quick, and the sharpness in the prints and colors was outstanding.
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